The question then arose - which one of these ten delicious pups was my little Zola? I chose the one who first began wagging her tail long before any of the others - as if she was already happy to be mine.

Finding homes for nine non-pedigreed puppies, and a year and a half old mother was thought of as quite an impossibility in South Florida. Yet on one auspicious weekend, a miracle occurred, where all nine remaining pups and their mother found their perfect homes.




Zola grew to be quite a beauty, merely reflecting the beauty that lay within her loving heart. She lived a full and very happy life - well loved and always looked after.

There was nothing extraordinary that she accomplished in her ten short years, except perhaps her capacity to love and to express that to everyone she met. She was responsible for three separate individuals acquiring their very first dogs after they had come to know her.

She left this physical world quite unexpectedly just a short while ago, peacefully in her sleep - her transition one of sweetness and consideration.

I believe, in essence, she was a great teacher. Her being taught me how pure and selfless love can truly be.


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