a w a r d s

Manjushri Mandala Kindness Award

We did surf your artistic, informative
and nice designed place and checked
both your textual and visual content as
well as your navigation.

But most importantly, we had the overall
impression that the motivation for
creating your site is rooted in kindness,
dedication and the wish of sharing and
‘turning on.’

This attitude is a very precious one and
shows your ambition to make the net a
more human and friendlier place.

Besides beauty, content and individuality,
we mainly try to catch the spirit of a site
and yours has heart, brain and soul!

May the Tibetan dragon king (druk dru)
and the Golden Buddha grant you
continued creativity, wisdom, positive
energy, insights and success. And may
they act as powerful reminders to keep
the spirit of kindness alive.

Hans & Thomas

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